Sci-Fi | 93 min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 10 Jul, 2000
  • Director: Tony Kandah
  • Starring: Michael Bergin, Amy Weber , Vernon Wells
  • Year: 2004

Movie Story

A warrior and a beautiful ex-convict are left to fight the galaxy’s most fearsome commandos in an alien wasteland.

A  brutal intergalactic massacre leaves two survivors, Temetrian, a soldier, and  Zed an orphan toddler.  Marooned, the soldier raises the boy alone–as a warrior.

Years later, Temetrian and Zed are rescued and returned to the metropolis of Alexandrius space station. Zed enlists in the elite Starforce Commandos and earns a special assignment to deliver medical supplies to remote mining colony at the edge of the galaxy.

Arriving at the desolate, waterless Planet Osmar, Zed’s ship is sabotaged, half the colonists murdered, and the remaining humans–especially ex-convict Dahlia–think he is to blame.. What Zed doesn’t realize is that the miners have discovered rich deposits of tritium, the universe’s most precious fuel. And that someone wants to grab it all and put the blame on Zed.

When Temetrian leads a mission to rescue his son, Zed narrowly escapes a trap sprung by power hungry Commander Jankwo and his squad of Starforce turncoats. With Temetrian dead, Zed and Dahlia are left to fight the galaxy’s most fearsome commandos in an alien wasteland crawling with carnivorous insects, and ruthless killers.

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